Sports Lighting

Barrier Electric provides free sports lighting evaluations. Equipped with the proper equipment and experience to design, develop and install your sports lighting, we can help you determine the right solution to meet your needs.

We provide Sports Lighting for baseball, football, soccer, tennis courts, and all sports fields. 

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Are you starting a new project or need repairs on your current lights? 

Sports venues have special needs with lighting. At Barrier Electric, we can help with all of your lighting needs, from identifying funding resources to system design, to installation and long-term service.

  • How much light will be adequate?
  • Is LED right for you?
  • How can costs be kept low and neighbors kept happy?

A Proven System

Our LED sports lighting—as well as our HID solutions—for new and retrofit projects includes lighting, structural, and electrical components, which provide streamlined installation, trouble-free operation, and long-term reliability.

 Lighting can not only enhance the spectator’s experience at a game and home but also improve the player’s performance.

Sports lighting is an important feature of any game whether it is professional, municipal, collegiate, high school or semi-professional.

Every athlete deserves to play under a fixture that calls attention to their talent and exciting action. The right kind of stadium and arena lighting will deliver optimal light for activities, visual comfort for fans, and reduce light pollution outside of the venue.

There are two main choices to consider when choosing sports lighting, lamp type and placement.

Barrier Electric sets the bar by turning every game into an unforgettable experience with LED high-performance sports lighting.