Parking Lot Light Repair & Bulb Replacement

Barrier Electric has a boom truck that can reach the tallest parking lot and sports stadium lights. If you need work done on your lights, give us a call. We can replace, upgrade, change bulbs, and fix your lighting.

Parking Lot Lights

When it comes to parking lots & sports stadiums, security and lighting are always a priority. In most places getting to where you need to go requires driving a car and when you get there you need a place to leave it. When you do, you want to make sure it’s going to be safe and not vandalized or even potentially damaged in a fender bender due to poor lighting conditions. As a business owner or even a homeowner with a parking lot, it’s always important to maintain parking lot lighting for security and general safety. Along with that lighting, in general, can account for over 60% of your energy usage and if in disrepair can lead to potential unwanted increases in your electricity bill.

Sports Lighting

It’s hard to play football in the dark. If you have a sports stadium, tennis courts, soccer field or any type of sports lighting, we can help with all of your maintenance and repair. Give us a call today to learn more.

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Lighting issues and potential liabilities

Parking Lot’s are often high traffic areas with a mix of vehicle and foot traffic. Depending on the location and time of year often times are shaded or covered areas. This can lead to poor and obstructed vision leading to bad and potentially dangerous conditions. Fender benders are common occurrences in even the most well-lit parking lot’s let alone one with poor lighting. Worse yet accidents involving vehicles and people could lead to injuries, lawsuits, and unwanted hospital bills.


Another common issue with parking lots is vandalism. This can be something as simple as physical damage to vehicles and or property to theft or worse. One major study found that outdoor lighting can lead to an average drop in crime by upwards of 39%. Particularly in New York, a recent public housing trial showed a dramatic and significant relation between crime at night and outdoor lighting. The study found that places that received the new lighting saw a drop in crime rates that were significantly less than would have been the case without the new lights.


Personal and public safety is another concern. It’s a common fact that crime rates are significantly higher in darker areas with poor lighting. In particular, poorly lit areas make it much easier for criminals to act and get away. As stated previously in several studies good lighting has shown to deter crime by upwards of 39%. Among other findings, one of the studies concluded that higher levels of lighting led to a 7% overall reduction in so-called index crimes. A subset of serious offenses that includes murder, robbery, and aggravated assault, as well as certain property crimes.


Parking lot accidents are far more common than you may realize. Particularly in winter months when the roads are more slippery and visibility decreases. Even more so a poorly lit parking lot can lead to potentially more accidents and increase owner liability. A common myth of parking lot accidents is known as the 50/50 rule. This misconception states that if two cars are involved in any sort of accident that takes place inside a parking lot, both drivers will be equally at fault. This is a myth, and is not true! Insurance companies use a set of rules called fault determination to help them figure out who will be held accountable for the accident. Just like all other accidents, statements will be taken, damages will be considered, and the fault will be determined based on the specifics of each situation.

Parking lot lighting is a critical component of patrons’/employees’ safety and security. Whether replacing burnt lamps, ballasts, transformers, controls, or locating and repairing underground circuits, we can keep your parking lot lighting system burning bright. We are experienced electricians who are equipped to troubleshoot many different types of lighting solutions. We can provide service to a wide variety of common parking lot lighting fixtures. If your current parking lot lighting is looking worse for wear or perhaps has gone a long time without proper maintenance then we are are here to help.