Lighting Installation & Design

Barrier Electric is not only a lighting installer, but we can also help you design and create a plan for your professional systems.

Overseeing the construction of a new structure can be a big job, especially if you don’t have a qualified team of electricians. If you’re desiring an expert electrical design for your new building you can trust the experienced experts at Barrier Electric.

Since 1975, Barrier Electric has built its reputation by providing superior electrical services. We have skilled personnel handling jobs of all sizes. From conception to completion our team members can produce a project that works for you. We can see the entire project through and handle the entire installation process for you if you’d like.

Our years of valuable experience will also assist in budgeting the cost of your construction to assure the affordability of the project. We will find the right products to do your project in the most efficient manner to stay on budget. In the end, we’re so confident of the quality of our design-build projects, you will receive a warranty on our workmanship if we’re involved in the original design process.

Innovating with the latest technology Barrier Electric can come and rewire or upgrade the wiring to ensure it is up to modern standards. To learn more about our services, please feel free to contact us now.