Home Lighting Design

As professional residential lighting experts, Barrier Electric can handle all of your home lighting needs. Whether you need traditional or custom lighting, we can design and install the latest in LED lighting.

An expertly crafted lighting plan brings brilliance and warmth to your space. It differentiates and defines each room. The proper use of adjustable, fixed, wet, and wall wash location recessed downlights, as well as the right choice of decorative fixtures including wall sconces, chandeliers, pendants, art lights, and lamps combine to provide general lighting, ambiance, or task light.

Ambiance Lighting

The ambient lighting layer provides what the eye perceives as the general level of light in a room. Ambient lighting is delivered through the larger lighting fixtures in a room, and don’t forget the role of daylight in home lighting design.

Task Lighting

The task lighting layer which provides light for a specific activity to make the activity easier.  Examples are lighting the counter tops in the kitchen for food preparation, or a reading light in the living room.  If the ambient lighting in the kitchen or living room is sufficient it may well be possible to prepare food and read without task lighting, but the extra light enhances the experience of chopping or a good novel considerably.

Whether it’s by directing a pathway, creating drama, showcasing fine art or luxury objects, exceptional lighting creates subtle to substantial effects that evoke emotions.