Bucket Truck & Boom Services

For jobs that require more than a ladder, we have bucket truck and boom services. We can replace tall ceiling lights, update electrical systems, and fix street lights with ease.

Unable to reach something with a ladder?

We offer a wide range of bucket truck services from Parking Lot and Building Light Installation and Maintenance, Electrical Sign Installation and Maintenance, to changing or hanging banners.

Electrical Sign Installation & Maintenance

Can your sign be clearly seen? Does it burn out often? Let us install and maintain a lighted outdoor sign that shows off your brand and catches the eye.

Our services include our special “Bucket Truck” or “Boom Lift Truck” available for those larger jobs including power poles, parking lot lighting, signs, exterior security lights or any other application where the electrician cannot reach with a ladder. We also have a scissor lift available for ¬†short height jobs and interior warehouse electrical work including wiring and high bay lighting.

We specialize in Commercial Electrical Service and installation of all types of connections including single and multi-phase power.  Contact us today for a hassle free quote and prompt service.