Bulb & Ballast Replacement

Do you have light bulbs that are hard to reach and need to be changed or need a ballast that needs replaced? Barrier Electric provides professional bulb and ballast replacement at an affordable costs, give us a call today.

Commercial lighting can account for close to 35 percent of a business’s energy. Are you using the right lighting solution and light bulb combination to get the most out of your money? There are a lot of lighting options, however, how do you know which is right for your business?

What is the difference between commercial and residential light fixtures?

Commercial lighting is specially designed for the illumination of commercial premises in order to accommodate various business activities, from manufacturing to sales. By utilizing different designs, colors, and intensities, commercial lighting options offer custom solutions for various applications.

Contact Barrier Electric today for help choosing the right light bulb or lighting solution for your business. We offer repair, installation, replacement services to suit your needs, and upgrades.