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Residential Electrician

Residential Electricians

Do you have a residential electrical project you feel is too small for an electrician come out and fix? We don’t feel that way. Barrier Electric specializes in a wide variety of residential electrical needs you may have from switches and receptacles not working; to single room electrical remodels or even ground-up electrical builds of your entire house. We can pretty much handle all of your residential electrical needs.

Are you looking to make your house more Green and save some money on your electric bill while doing it? Well Barrier Electric is the electrical contractor that has the tools and resources needed to bring your house up to today’s electrical energy standards, from changing out your old incandescent light bulbs to more energy efficient compact florescent or even LED light sources or maybe a family member who has trouble remembering to turn of lights when leaving the room. We can install residential occupancy sensors that will never even require you to turn the lights on or off as it will do it automatically for you.

Is security an issue for you at night? Give us a call and we can look at different options to install lights on the outside of your house that can come on automatically when it senses motion and go off after a set amount of time. Maybe you would prefer to have light come on from dusk to dawn - we can do that too and also guide you towards buying a long-lasting energy-efficient fixture while we’re at it.