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Residential Electrical Services

Residential Lighting Design
Our lighting Specialist will sit down with you, the customer, and go over many designs and fixture styles based on your opinions and what you are trying to get out of your residential lighting.

Residential Electrical Upgrades
Do you know that new homes are required to have Tamper-Proof receptacles, Ground Fault circuit breakers, and Ark Fault Circuit breakers? Don’t let your home remain in yesterday’s residential electrical requirements - allow us to make your home safer and more efficient.

Circuit Breaker Replacement
If you have a circuit breaker electrical panel, you could be at a serious risk of fire. Don’t let your home fall victim to a problem that is out of sight, out of mind. We can replace almost any electrical panel inside your house with little to no drywall work needed.

Track and Accent Lighting
Track lighting is one of our specialties and we offer many different styles from top brand names such as Progress, Halo and Seagull lighting.

Bulb and Ballast Replacement
With today’s new residential energy standards coming into effect, you may not realize how much your old lamps and ballasted lighting fixtures cost to operate. From bulb replacement to fixture replacements we can improve every aspect of your homes lighting.

Specialty Receptacles
Do you want to spend your weekend at one of the home improvement superstores looking for a dryer plug or an oven receptacle because the one at your house has burned up? Don’t waste your weekend trying to solve a problem that may not even get solved due to one of these so-called home improvement superstores not even having what you are looking for. We have stock on many specialty receptacles and can take care of it for you while on site the first time instead of you having to waste a weekend.

Exterior Security and Landscape lighting
Nearly 37% of all burglaries happen while you are sleeping. Make sure that a robber does not feel welcome by lighting up the night. We have many different options from motion sensor lighting on your house to a more eye pleasing landscape lighting. Either one would make a great deterrent to anyone trying to hide in the night.

Surge Protections
With one strike of lighting to a power line in the middle of the big game, BOOM there goes the TV. All the internals have been fried due to a massive surge of electricity sent through the power grid. Don’t let this happen to you and protect your home with a whole home surge protector. Surge protection devices can protect all your sensitive equipment in your home.

Generator and Transfer Switch Installation
With Oklahoma weather always changing, the loss of power due to an outage is always around the corner. 500,000 Americans are affected by power outages each day. To stay one step ahead of the weather, install a whole home automatic generator. At first sign of power outage the generator will come on automatically and once power is restored will shut off by itself.