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Commercial Electrical Services

Code Updates and Corrections
With new code coming out once every four years, it is very important for your electrician to stay on top of the National Electrical Code (NEC). We as a company take all required classes to maintain current code rules and guidelines.

Dedicated Computer Circuitry
Many computers that have been affected by a power surge are due to improper grounding or other high load equipment that can spike a power surge. This problem can be solved with simple dedicated circuitry for the all sensitive equipment from personal computers all the way to up to massive server rooms. We highly recommend for any computer circuitry some form of surge protection is added on in conjunction with any dedicated circuitry.

Electrical System Upgrades
Our knowledge of electrical comes from many years of experience on a wide variety of different electrical problems and it is not hard for us to spot minor or major problems in your electrical system. There are many signs of major failures in an electrical system and when these signs start to show up and your businesses electrical system has come to the end of its life cycle. Trust in the professionals to upgrade your electrical system in a timely manner at a very reasonable price.

Service and Maintenance Agreements
Keeping up with day to day operations and keeping up with electrical maintenance items can be extremely hectic for business owners. That is why we have come up with service and maintenance options to meet your needs. From checking smoke detectors and emergency lighting to make sure it is operable on a monthly basis or maintaining entire lighting system for a year at a time. We can come up with a plan to match your specific needs.

Custom Lighting Design
Our in-house lighting specialist will sit down with you, the customer, and hear your ideas on lighting and designing a lighting plan that fits your needs and remains very energy-efficient. As a business, the bottom dollar is very important when it comes to spending money and a lighting upgrade can save your business a considerable amount of money annually. 

Generator and Transfer Switch Instillation
If you have a business that has critical operations to remain online when power goes out we have a generator to meet your electrical demand. In 2007, Oklahoma had one of the worst ice storms in this state's history. How much lost product or sales did your business lose to that storm? Now think if you would have been one of the few businesses with lights and power, and all the profit that could be made. This could be a very real possibility with a generator and automatic transfer switch installed at your business.

Bucket Truck and Boom Service
With trucks tall enough to reach 125 feet, we can maintain almost any lighting job. If we don’t have the equipment on hand to get to your lighting needs, we are capable of obtaining the right tool for the job. Our boom and bucket truck operators have had experience working at extreme heights for over 30 years and know what it takes to get the job complete even 125 feet in the air.

Sports Lighting
Not only do we maintain many area high school sports' venues and complexes, we are also set up to do complete design build on your sports lighting. Our sports lighting designs cover soccer fields, baseball fields, football fields, tennis courts, and so many more possibilities. We can handle any sports lighting need you may have.

Sign Maintenance
A sign can be a huge advertising tool to your business but when part of it is out it looks run down and that could be the impression people driving by would also have about your business. We maintain many varieties of signs from neon, fluorescent and LED signs. Whether it’s a pylon sign right on the ground or a sign 80 feet in the air next to a highway, we have the tools and experience to take care of your businesses sign needs.

Parking Lot Light Maintenance, Installation and Design
Parking lot lighting provides your customers with a sense of security at night to make it in and out of your place of business safely. Your parking lot lighting could be lacking due to outages, improper instillation and aiming of lights or the design was simply inadequate. Whatever the reason, we can maintain, install and design parking lot lighting for you!